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Chromium Carbide (Cr3C2)-Powder
  • Chromium Carbide (Cr3C2)-Powder

Chromium Carbide (Cr3C2)-Powder

Chromium(II) carbide is a ceramic compound, chemical formula Cr3C2, submicron and nanopowder forms may be considered for industrial and application purpose. The appearance of Chromium(II) carbide is gray black. It mainly applied in the surface treatment of metal components.
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Chromium Carbide (Cr3C2)-Powder introduce:

About Chromium Carbide:
Chromium(II) carbide with CAS 12012-35-0 is a ceramic compound that exists in several different chemical compositions: Cr3C2, Cr7C3,and Cr23C6. At standard conditions it exists as a gray solid. It is extremely hard and corrosion resistant. It is also a refractory compound, which means that it retains its strength at high temperatures as well. These properties make it useful as an additive to metal alloys. When chromium carbide crystals are integrated into the surface of a metal it improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the metal, and maintains these properties at elevated temperatures. 

Specifications and properties of Chromium Carbide:

Chemical formula:Cr3C2
Molar mass:180.009 g/mol
Appearance:gray orthorhombic crystals
Density:6.68 g/cm3

Melting point:

1,895 °C (3,443 °F; 2,168 K)
Boiling point:3,800 °C (6,870 °F; 4,070 K)
Solubility in water:reacts
Crystal structure:Orthorhombic, oP20

Application of Chromium Carbide:

Chromium carbide is useful in the surface treatment of metal components. Chromium carbide is used to coat the surface of another metal in a technique known as thermal spraying. Cr3C2 powder is mixed with solid nickel-chromium. This mixture is then heated to very high temperatures and sprayed onto the object being coated where it forms a protective layer. This layer is essentially its own metal matrix composite, consisting of hard ceramic Cr3C2 particles embedded in a nickel-chromium matrix. The matrix itself contributes to the corrosion resistance of the coating because both nickel and chromium are corrosion resistant in their metallic form. After over spraying the coating, the coated part must run through a diffusion heat treatment to reach the best results in matter of coupling strength to the basemetal and also in matter of hardness. Another technique utilizes chromium carbide in the form of overlay plates. These are prefabricated chromium carbide coated steel plates, which are meant to be welded onto existing structures or machinery in order to improve performance. Chromium carbide is used as an additive in cutting tools made out of cemented carbides, in order to improve toughness by preventing the growth of large grains. The primary constituent in most extremely hard cutting tools is tungsten carbide. The tungsten carbide is combined with other carbides such as titanium carbide, niobium carbide, and chromium carbide and sintered together with a cobalt matrix. Cr3C2 prevents large grains from forming in the composite, which results in a fine-grained structure of superior toughness.

Storage Condition of Chromium Carbide Powder:

Damp reunion will affect Chromium Carbide powder dispersion performance and using effects, therefore,Chromium Carbide Powder should be sealed in vacuum packing and stored in cool and dry room, the Chromium Carbide Powder can not be exposure to air. In addition, the Chromium Carbide powder should be avoided under stress.

Packing & Shipping of Chromium Carbide Powder:

We have many different kinds of packing which depends on the Chromium Carbide Powder quantity.

Chromium Carbide Powder packing:vacuum packing, 100g, 500g or 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request.

Chromium Carbide Powder shipping:could be shipped out by sea , by air, by express as soon as possible once payment receipt.


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