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Properties of Spherical Tungsten Powder

2023-09-27 15:12:57  Knowledge

Spherical tungsten powder is an important material in powder metallurgy, with excellent physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, which have been widely used in many industries.

Basic concepts of spherical tungsten powder

Spherical tungsten powder refers to tungsten powder with spherical or nearly spherical morphology prepared by a specific process method. Compared with traditional irregular tungsten powder, spherical tungsten powder has a higher surface area and better flowability, making it significant in preparing high-performance tungsten products.

Preparation method of spherical tungsten powder

Various methods for preparing spherical tungsten powder include chemical vapor deposition, liquid phase precipitation, mechanical grinding, etc. Chemical vapor deposition is one of the most commonly used preparation methods. Its main principle is decomposing tungsten compounds (such as WO2) at high temperatures and obtaining spherical tungsten powder through vapor deposition. The liquid phase precipitation method involves adding a precipitant to the solution to form a precipitate of tungsten ions and obtain spherical tungsten powder. The principle of mechanical grinding is to break and refine raw materials under mechanical grinding force and obtain spherical tungsten powder.

Performance characteristics of spherical tungsten powder

High purity: Spherical tungsten powder has a high purity and low impurity content, making it significant in preparing high-performance tungsten products.

Spherical or nearly spherical shape: Spherical tungsten powder has a spherical or nearly spherical shape, which gives it a higher surface area and better flow performance, which is conducive to preparing high-quality tungsten products.

High density: Spherical tungsten powder has a high density, reaching over 95% of the theoretical density, making it of great significance in preparing high-performance tungsten products.

Good mechanical properties: Spherical tungsten powder has high hardness, tensile strength, compressive strength, and wear resistance, making it significant in preparing high-strength and wear-resistant tungsten products.

Application Fields of Spherical Tungsten Powder

Hard alloy manufacturing: Hard alloy comprises carbides and metals with high hardness, strength, and good wear resistance. It is widely used in petroleum, mining, and automobiles. In the manufacturing process of hard alloys, high-purity, fine-grained, and spherical tungsten powder needs to be used as raw materials to improve the strength and wear resistance of the alloy.

Preparation of high-purity tungsten metal products: Due to the characteristics of good purity, fine particles, and good fluidity of spherical tungsten powder, spherical tungsten powder can be directly used to prepare high-purity tungsten metal products, such as high-purity tungsten wires, tungsten rods, etc. These tungsten metal products have extensive applications in electronics, communication, aerospace, etc.

High-temperature furnace manufacturing: High-temperature furnace is a type of equipment used for high-temperature heating and metal melting, which requires the use of high-purity, fine particle, and spherical tungsten powder as raw materials to prepare high-performance furnace materials. High-temperature furnace materials with high density, low thermal expansion coefficient, and good high-temperature corrosion resistance can be prepared using spherical tungsten powder.

Electronic packaging materials: With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the demand for electronic packaging materials is also increasing. Spherical tungsten powder can be an important raw material for electronic packaging materials. Due to spherical tungsten powder excellent thermal conductivity and mechanical strength, spherical tungsten powder can be used to manufacture high-performance electronic packaging components, improving the reliability and stability of electronic equipment.

Aerospace field: In the aerospace field, materials with high strength, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance are required. Spherical tungsten powder has good mechanical properties and high purity and can be used to manufacture high-performance aerospace materials, such as aviation engine components, spacecraft structural components, etc.


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