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Scientists Use Titanium Powder As A 3D Printing Material

2020-08-12 13:15:52  Knowledge

The production of titanium powder in China is mainly based on the sulfuric acid method. After years of exploration in the production of waste gas and waste acid, most domestic enterprises have comprehensively utilized it. On the road to cleaner production and circular economy, to reach the advanced international level in China's sulfuric acid production and produce high-quality products with Chinese characteristics, we must "innovate"; China's chloride production must "innovate" to catch up with the world. The "import more than original" of the titanium powder industry in our country, even if it is an innovation, it is just an imitative innovation.

Scientists Use Titanium Powder As A 3D Printing Material

The quality of the manufactured products has not improved. Although China is already a significant producer of titanium powder in the world, the products produced by China's titanium powder enterprises are basically at the low-end level.

Titanium is the holy grail in manufacturing because this metal is not only durable and lightweight but also has excellent biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. So it is very suitable for manufacturing aerospace parts and medical implants.

Today's research has become a reality for high-quality, low-cost titanium powders that can be used for metal 3D printing. Relevant agencies focus on the development of innovative materials technology and energy solutions, and their research results are often used in NASA or other high-tech fields. According to the interpretation, titanium powder determines the future of high-quality 3D printing. "The application of titanium powder in 3D printing technology has huge potential, which can save manufacturers' materials and money." He said, "the mass production of high-quality titanium metal powder is called the holy grail of gas atomization by our materials scientists." Experiment The most critical innovation in this new process is a new type of fusion heating tube.

 titanium powder 3d printing

It can increase the melting temperature by at least 100 ° C, thus better adapting to water-cooled clean melting technology. The latter is a necessary means of melting and casting strong and durable aerospace titanium components. This new type of "hot nozzle" enables precise feeding of high-energy coupled atomizers, enabling efficient production of fine titanium powder.

Metal 3D printing is developing at an alarming rate in many vital industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, etc., which have listed this technology as a conventional means of manufacturing parts. However, the development of this technology is still limited by several factors, the most important of which is that the available metal powder materials are relatively expensive and have fewer types. However, this situation may soon change, because the high-quality and economical titanium powder material successfully realized by the new technology in the laboratory shortly will be commercialized and mass-produced.

titanium powder 3d printing

The 3D printer can print more than 200 dentures of different shapes at the same time, which can be completed in 8 hours. About three to four thousand dentures are published every month according to customer needs (some of which are printed by the dental clinic after purchasing the equipment, and some are printed after accepting dental clinic orders). We only need to scan the oral cavity to get accurate data of the denture, and then we can reproduce a unique and right denture for the patient with a 3D printer. The printing cost for each denture is between £ 12 and £ 15 (equivalent to RMB 150). It is believed that 3D printed custom dentures are faster and cheaper than traditional dentures.

China's 3D printing technology has just begun. In the Luoyang High-tech Zone in Henan, a titanium-based rare metal new material industry cluster has been formed. After the raw materials sources and application conditions for 3D printing are unique, the advantages of planning and building a 3D industrial park are apparent at this time. 

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