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The Application of Stainless Steel Powder in the Automotive Industry

2023-12-27 15:16:01  Knowledge

Stainless steel powder is an important metal powder, widely used in various fields due to its excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. 

1. Characteristics of stainless steel powder

Stainless steel powder has many advantages, among which the most important are its excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. As to the special structure of stainless steel powder, its surface is not easily oxidized and corroded; thus, it has a long service life. In addition, stainless steel powder also has good processing and welding properties, which can maintain stable performance in various environments.

2. Preparation method of stainless steel powder

The preparation methods of stainless steel powder mainly include the following:


Electrolysis method: Electrolysis is commonly used for preparing stainless steel powder. This method involves placing stainless steel material in an electrolyte and dissolving it into powder through an electrolytic reaction. The stainless steel powder prepared by the electrolysis method has good purity and fine particle size, but the preparation process requires a large amount of electricity and raw materials consumption.

Atomization method: The atomization method is to spray molten stainless steel material into a mist through an atomizer, then solidify it into powder during the cooling process. The stainless steel powder prepared by the atomization method has uniform particle size and regular shape, but temperature and nozzle size must be controlled during the preparation process.

Mechanical grinding method: The mechanical grinding method grinds stainless steel materials into powder form. The stainless steel powder prepared by this method has a lower cost but larger particle size and irregular shape.

3. Application scenarios of stainless steel powder

Stainless steel powder is widely used in various fields due to its excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. The following are its main application scenarios:

Aerospace field: Stainless steel powder can manufacture components and structural components in aerospace vehicles, such as aircraft engine components, satellite structural components, etc.

Automotive field: Stainless steel powder can be used to manufacture automotive components, such as engine components, fuel system components, etc.

The application of stainless steel powder in the automotive industry is mainly reflected in manufacturing automotive exhaust systems.

With the improvement of automobile engine performance and the strictness of exhaust regulations, the temperature of the gas emitted by the engine is getting higher and higher. Some cars have exhaust temperatures as high as 900 ℃ and tend to become high-temperature (up to 950 ℃). Therefore, the automotive industry requires exhaust system components to have excellent heat and corrosion resistance while requiring them to be as lightweight as possible. To meet these requirements, heat-resistant cast and heat-resistant steel have been used to replace the past cast steel and ordinary steel components.

Specifically, the amount of stainless steel used in automotive exhaust systems accounts for more than half of the total amount used in automobiles, with 80% being ferritic stainless steel. Commonly used stainless steel grades include 409L, 436L, etc.


In addition, powder metallurgy stainless steel has the advantages of producing parts close to net forming, high dimensional accuracy, high material utilization rate, and uniform organizational structure. Therefore, it is also widely used in the automotive industry.

Chemical industry: Stainless steel powder can manufacture components in chemical equipment, such as reactors, pipelines, etc.

Medical device field: Stainless steel powder can be used to manufacture components in medical devices, such as surgical knives, needles, etc.

Construction field: Stainless steel powder can be used to manufacture structural components, such as bridges, high-rise buildings, etc.


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