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Tungsten Carbide Chemical Composition

2023-04-29 10:50:02  Knowledge

Tungsten carbide (WC) is a chemical compound formed by reaction between equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. It is used in a variety of applications, including cutting tools, armor and abrasives.

Tungsten Carbide Properties

Tungsten Carbide has a very high hardness and can be up to three times stiffer than steel. It also has very high melting point and resistance to heat and wear. It is a very inert material, meaning it does not react with other substances easily.

It is also a good conductor of electricity and heat. It can be used to produce hard alloy materials, kiln furnace structural materials, jet engine components, cermet materials and resistance heating elements.

Synthesis and Manufacturing

Tungsten carbide can be synthesized by mixing tungsten anhydride with graphite in a reducing atmosphere at a high temperature of 14001600 deg C. Dense ceramic articles can be obtained by thermostat sintering or hot isostatic pressing sintering.

Macro Tungsten Carbide Powder

Macro tungsten carbide powder is a dark grey metallic powder that has been used to make cemented carbide. The powder is heated and mixed with another powdered metal, usually cobalt, then pressed into a shape. The resulting solids are then rapidly quenched to form extremely hard solid particles that have a fine crystal structure.

Armour-piercing ammunition

Tungsten carbide is the most common material used in armour-piercing ammunition. It has a very high hardness and density, and is able to penetrate a great deal of armor. It can be used in the penetrating cores of a number of different types of ammunition, including both monolithic sintered and tungsten carbide cobalt composite.

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