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3D printing is in the sky! Take stock of the technological breakthroughs that help rocket planes!

2024-04-17 08:57:54  News

With the wings of technology, human dreams fly higher and further. In recent years, 3D printing technology has swept the aerospace field like a storm of innovation.

C919 aircraft successfully made its maiden flight

The C919 aircraft, a significant achievement in China's aviation industry, has successfully completed its maiden flight, marking a new era in aviation manufacturing.

Key components such as the nose main windshield window frame, engine fuel nozzles, and door parts of the C919 domestically produced large passenger aircraft are all accurately manufactured using 3D printing technology. This technology not only ensures the strength and precision of the components but also optimizes their weight, thereby improving the overall performance and fuel efficiency of the aircraft. This innovative application not only demonstrates China's strength in the field of aviation manufacturing but also demonstrates the huge potential of 3D printing technology in high-end manufacturing.

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The application of 3D printing technology not only improves the manufacturing efficiency and quality of the C919 aircraft but also effectively reduces manufacturing costs. This technology can flexibly respond to the manufacturing needs of various complex shapes, allowing designers to realize their creativity better. At the same time, it also greatly shortens the R&D and manufacturing cycle of parts and components, providing a strong guarantee for the rapid delivery and market promotion of aircraft. The successful maiden flight of the C919 aircraft is not only a milestone for China's aviation industry but also a successful practice in the application of 3D printing technology in the aviation field.

"Xuanyuan-1" rocket engine successfully tested.

Recently, the long-range test run of China Aerospace's "Xuanyuan-1" 20-ton liquid oxygen and kerosene rocket engine was a complete success, marking a new level of China's liquid rocket engine technology. This engine uses 3D printing technology extensively in the manufacturing process, demonstrating its broad application prospects in the aerospace field.

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The 'Xuan Yuan No. 1' engine, a marvel of engineering, boasts an advanced gas generator cycle method, non-toxic and non-polluting liquid oxygen/kerosene propellant, and the ability to start multiple times and change working conditions. Its unique thrust chamber design, enabled by 3D printing Technology, achieves efficient and stable liquid-liquid combustion, demonstrating the broad application prospects of 3D printing in the aerospace field.

In addition, the engine frame design adopts a mortise-and-tenon fully machined structure solution, which effectively solves the problems of traditional welded structures with large deformation, complex processing, and long cycle times. The modular layout of the whole machine structure greatly improves production organization and assembly efficiency. The successful test run of "Xuan Yuan 1" not only verified the feasibility of 3D printing technology in rocket engine manufacturing but also laid a solid foundation for the development of China's commercial aerospace industry.

Tianlong-2 Yaoyi carrier rocket successfully made its maiden flight.

On April 2, 2023, Tianbing Technology's Tianlong-2 carrier rocket successfully made its first flight, marking a breakthrough for China's commercial aerospace industry. One of the highlights of this rocket is its use of closed-cycle 3D printing liquid rocket engine technology. Traditional liquid rocket engine manufacturing involves complex forging, machining, and other labor-intensive processes, which are costly and take a long time. Through 3D printing technology, Tianlong 2 has successfully reduced the number of engine units, shortened the manufacturing cycle, reduced cost and weight, and its thrust-to-mass ratio has reached the world's leading level.

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The use of this technology not only optimizes the performance of rocket engines but also greatly improves manufacturing efficiency and reliability. As the first liquid launch vehicle in China's private commercial aerospace industry to enter orbit successfully, Tianlong-2's successful first flight not only set a number of international and domestic aerospace records but also injected new vitality into the development of China's commercial aerospace industry.


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