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Application Areas of IN718 Powder

2021-05-31 14:24:28  News

The popular IN 718 is used in the production of some parts in many petroleum industry and aerospace fields. This alloy has an austenitic structure, and the γ" phase formed after precipitation hardening gives it excellent mechanical properties. The delta phase formed at the grain boundary during the heat treatment process makes it have the best plasticity. The reliable IN 718 has huge characteristics such as corrosion resistance and stability, and broad development prospects and potentials, so it will be extremely prosperous. Application areas.

1. Liquid fuel rocket

Due to the high temperature strength, excellent corrosion resistance and easy processing at 700 degrees Celsius, it can be widely used in various high-demand occasions. Because the cost-effective Alloy 718 is characterized by very significant results under high temperature and strength, and easy processing, it is useful in the aerospace industry represented by liquid fuel rockets. Among liquid fuel rockets, Alloy 718 is known for its stability. High temperature resistance and superior corrosion resistance provide a very important quality level for the production of some complex parts of liquid fuel, and the corrosion resistance of Inconel718 can ensure that the alloy finished product has good performance even in an acidic environment. Play.


2. Nuclear Engineering

According to the results of many tests, the cost-effective IN 718 has a yield strength below 650 degrees Celsius, which has strong comprehensive capabilities in deformed superalloys, and has perfect processing and welding properties. These features will play an important role in nuclear engineering. effect. Moreover, the oxidation resistance of this alloy at high temperature is also one of the important reasons for its selection, and it has become a member of nuclear engineering that plays an important role.

In addition to the two mentioned above, it is believed that Alloy 718 also has a wide range of applications in industrial production such as cryogenic engineering and steam turbines. Whether it is the production of bars, cakes or rings, it is inseparable from this outstanding important role.

Alloy In718 still has an irreplaceable ability in some high-end industries, and escorts the smooth progress of these projects. It is true that Alloy In718 still has many areas to be improved in the future, but it is undeniable that the role of Alloy 718 in the industry will More and more important and mature.


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