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Copper Nickel Tubing

2023-03-18 06:30:02  News

Copper nickel tubing is a popular choice for many different applications. It has a number of benefits, including its ability to provide high corrosion resistance and excellent heat transfer. This makes it ideal for use in oil & gas, chemical processing, marine, power plants and other industrial environments.

Copper-Nickel Brake Line Tube

Copper-nickel brake tubing is used in high-performance vehicles, such as those produced by Volvo. This piping is corrosion-proof, flexible and easy to work with. It's also DOT-approved for hydraulic brake systems, fuel systems and transmission lines.

It bends 58 percent easier than steel tubing, making it an excellent replacement for traditional hose and tubing. It's also a better choice for heavy-duty applications, such as military, firefighting and other vehicles.

The tubing is available in both 90/10 and 70/30 alloys. The 90/10 alloys have a higher nickel content, which offers an increased corrosion resistance.

Depending on the alloy, these tubings are available in various lengths. However, it's best to choose the length that will work well for your application.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacture of these tubes involves heating the solid billets until they're in a semi-solid state. The material is then extruded through a die that has the dimensions you need.

After extrusion, the tubes are rolled through a reeling machine to reduce their thickness and outer diameter. The tubes are then sized using a sizing mill to match their desired sizes. After this, a final finishing takes place that includes surface application to enhance its anti-corrosion properties.

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