3D Printing Metal Powder

Introduction of 3D Printing Metal Powder

2022-01-25 14:34:23  News

Due to different application and subsequent molding process requirements, metal powders have different preparation methods. According to the preparation process, there are mainly two kinds of physical and chemical methods and mechanical methods. In the powder metallurgy industry, electrolysis, reduction and atomization methods are widely used, but it should be noted that both electrolysis and reduction have certain limitations and are not suitable for the preparation of alloy powders. At present, metal powders for additive manufacturing are mainly concentrated in materials such as titanium alloys, superalloys, cobalt-chromium alloys, high-strength steels and die steels.


In order to meet the requirements of additive manufacturing equipment and processes, metal powders must have low oxygen and nitrogen content, good sphericity, narrow particle size distribution range and high bulk density. As a result, plasma, as a different process technology, has become a high-tech industry in the processing and synthesis of powder materials. It has become a research hotspot in many countries.

Luoyang Kmpass adopts a new plasma milling technology to build a metal powder material research and development base, and develops aerospace-grade spherical metal-based 3D printing powder. The prepared metal powder is nearly regular spherical, and the overall particle size of the powder is fine. The yield of powder below 45μm is extremely high, and there is almost no hollow sphere gas entrainment. It can fully meet the current needs of 3D printing metal powder.


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