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Iron-based Powder Metallurgy Density Range and Application

2021-05-14 14:16:15  News

As we all know, the higher the density of iron-based powder metallurgy, the better the strength, but not all products are suitable for high-density. The density of iron-based powder metallurgy is generally 5.8g/cm³-7.3g/cm³, depending on the use and structure of the product. Let's take a look at the density range and application of iron-based powder metallurgy with everyone.

ss316l powder

For example, iron-based powder metallurgy oil-impregnated bearings generally have oil content requirements, and usually the density will be about 6.2g/cm³. For high oil content requirements, such as 20% oil content, the density needs to be reduced at this time to have sufficient pores. To ensure the oil content.

The density of iron-based powder metallurgy gears is 6.8g/cm³ in most industries. If necessary, imported powder can be used as raw materials or nickel powder can be added to increase the density. Up to 7.3g/cm³

The density of iron-based powder metallurgy structural parts depends on the structure. For example, some products with complex or thin structures are difficult to compact the powder. Therefore, the density is relatively low and the strength is not high. This is also one of the powder metallurgy processes. defect. In summary, the density of iron-based powder metallurgy is not as high as possible. It depends on the actual use and structure. When the density is above 6.8g/cm³, the cost is relatively high. According to the application, heat treatment can be used. Increase the strength in other ways.


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