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Main Reasons for the Rapid Growth of Industrial Application of Inconel 718

2022-02-18 11:37:47  News

What is Inconel 718?

Inconel 718 superalloy has been used in Aeroengine for half a century and is used in turbine parts manufacturing. IN718 has become the most widely used nickel base superalloy in the history of aeroengine. The unique alloy composition design of IN718 makes it have good comprehensive properties, that is, high strength, creep resistance and fatigue life. Especially below 650 ℃, its mechanical properties have good stability. Many parts of modern aeroengine, such as turbine disk, blade, brake, shaft, stator, seal, support, pipeline, fastener, etc., are made of IN718.


Reasons for the rapid growth of industrial application of Inconel 718

1. Without commercial or intellectual property restrictions, manufacturers and material suppliers can produce and adopt products based on this material on a large scale;

2. Due to the slow precipitation of IN718 strengthening phase, the material has good weldability and castability;

3. IN718 has high strength at high temperature (below 650 ℃), and its good ductility makes it easy to accept various processing forms. Therefore, Inconel718 is quickly accepted by major turbine engine manufacturers and applied to actual production with its fairly balanced performance in all aspects and low cost. It can be said that the emergence of Inconel718 promotes the revolutionary development of turbine engine design and manufacturing, and plays an important role in engine weight reduction, structure simplification and manufacturing cost reduction.


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