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Metal 3D Printing Materials are Gradually Enriched, Which will Help the Development of the Industrial Field in the Future

2022-01-27 10:43:28  News

In the 3D metal printing concept of the 1990s, there were very few types of machinable materials. Since then, various technologies (laser technology, powder metallurgy technology, etc.) have realized the 3D printing technology of various metals, and each technological breakthrough brings new applications. The earliest application of 3D printing is rapid prototyping: the aerospace and aerospace industries have been using it for many years, and industrial production applications in other industries are also developing rapidly

High-performance devices such as aerospace, defense, and energy are used because of their high manufacturing costs. In recent years, great development has been achieved in the application fields of titanium, chromium, iron, aluminum, and steel.

Titanium alloy

Titanium alloys have high specific strength, hardness and corrosion resistance and are very popular in the aviation, biomedical and chemical industries. As shown above, these alloys have higher tensile strength compared to other high performance materials, such as Nitinol, TC4 alloy, etc. High reactivity is a difficulty in the preparation of titanium alloys. To avoid it reacting with oxygen or nitrogen, the process must be carried out in a vacuum or in argon.

Aluminum alloy

Aluminum has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties, and has been widely used in aviation, automobile and other fields. Such as AlSi12, AlSi7Mg, AlSi10Mg and so on. The applications of aluminum alloy AMs are still very limited, as they are more suitable for traditional low-cost manufacturing techniques, and AM has little cost advantage.

In terms of 3D printing, aluminum and aluminum alloys also face some challenges, such as laser reflection of aluminum itself, oxidation of aluminum surface, etc. Right now, 3D printed aluminum is mostly a small batch of parts. Engineers are working to improve technology and reduce costs, and are also interested in aluminum alloy materials such as aluminum-silicon alloys or iron-aluminum alloys. Aluminum is expected to be an important material for 3D printing recently, because with aluminum, metal printing can improve material properties and keep weight low.


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