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TIC Powder Synthesis and Optimum Healing of Inert Ceramics

2023-03-12 11:00:02  News

tic powder (Titanium carbide) is widely used in cutting tools, grinding wheels, polishing pastes and other industrial applications due to its excellent hardness, high melting temperature and perfect abrasion resistance. However, synthesis of tic powders is difficult due to the low yield of conventional methods and the need for expensive high-temperature equipment.

A fast, large scalable process was developed to synthesize tic powder via a mechanically induced self-propagating reaction within 60 min using a horizontal rotary ball mill. The as-synthesized TiC nanopowder exhibited a polymorphic structure and good thermal stability and oxidation resistance below 345 degC in air investigated by TGA and DSC.

Microwave Heating for Synthesis of tic powder: a Potential Energy-Efficient Route

Titanium Carbide is prepared by oxidation of carbon black (CB) and nano-sized TiO2 in the presence of oxygen at a temperature of 1700-2400 degC under conventional heating [2,3]. In this article, we show that by microwave heating, tic powders can be synthesized at a low temperature of 1200 degC. This is much more energy-efficient than the conventional heating method, which typically requires a temperature of 1700-2400 degC for 10 to 24 h.

The Effect of Particle Size on the Oxidation Kinetics of tic powder: A Potential Tool for Optimum Healing of Inert Ceramics

Differential thermal and thermogravimetric analyses are performed on tic powders with a variety of particle sizes from nanometre to submillimetre in order to determine the activation energy, the reaction model and the Arrhenius constant for non-isothermal oxidation of tic powders over the temperature range from room temperature to 1200 degC in dry synthetic air. The kinetic triplet is determined for all the tic powders. This information allows for the prediction of the optimal healing temperature of any inert ceramic containing TiC particles as a discrete, extrinsic healing agent.

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