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The Characteristic and Application of 3D Printing Inconel 718

2020-08-06 15:02:46  News

Currently, 3D printing metal powder materials include stainless steel, die steel, nickel alloys, titanium alloys, cobalt-chromium alloys, aluminum alloys, and bronze alloys. Among them, the 3D printing Inconel718 powder is a precipitation hardening nickel-chromium alloy with high tensile strength and excellent fatigue and creep resistance at temperatures up to 700°C. It is commonly used in high-stress, high-temperature applications such as gas turbine engine components.

Inconel718 is a Fe-Ni-Cr based precipitation hardening deformation superalloy, Inconel718 alloy spherical powder.It has excellent comprehensive performance in the temperature range of -253~700℃, the yield strength below 650℃ ranks first in the deformed superalloy, and has excellent fatigue resistance, radiation resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent processing performance And long-term stability of the organization, it can manufacture various parts with complex shapes. It has been widely used in the temperature mentioned above range in aerospace, nuclear energy, and petroleum industries. High-performance gas atomized Inconel 718 powder is used in additive manufacturing (3D printing, rapid prototyping) with deficient oxygen and carbon content. They are used for the production of large and complex structural parts without wasting materials.


Ceramic inclusions will significantly reduce the final product's performance, and these inclusions generally have a higher melting point, which is difficult to sinter and shape, so there must be no ceramic inclusions in the powder.

Besides, the oxygen and nitrogen content also needs to be strictly controlled. At present, the powder preparation technology used for metal 3D printing is mainly based on the atomization method. The powder has a large specific surface area and is easy to oxidize. In particular applications such as aerospace, customers have stricter requirements on this indicator, such as high-temperature alloy powder. The oxygen content is 0.006%-0.018%, the oxygen content of the titanium alloy powder is 0.007%-0.013%, and the oxygen content of the stainless steel powder is 0.010%-0.025%.

The choice of metal powder particle size for 3D printing is mainly based on metal printers with different energy sources. Printers that use lasers as energy sources have an excellent focus spot and are easier to melt the fine powder. It is suitable to use 15-53μm powder as consumables. The powder replenishment method is layer-by-layer powder coating; the powder-spreading printer using an electron beam as the energy source has a slightly coarse focus spot, which is more suitable for melting coarse powder, mainly suitable for the coarse powder of 53-105μm; for coaxial powder feeding type For printers, powder with a particle size of 105-150μm can be used as consumables.

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