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TiC Material

2023-02-13 11:29:06  News

TiC (Ti-C-W) is an alloy consisting of Ti and C. It is considered as a good combination of strength and ductility. The alloy can be used in various applications.

TiC ceramics exhibit excellent thermal conductivity, abrasion resistance and ablation resistance. These ceramics are widely used in the aerospace industry. They have been applied to aeroengine bearings and mechanical seals. Another application is in the field of high-speed cutting tools. Besides, they have other advantages such as wear resistance and low density.

TiC crystals have been studied in many studies. In addition, TiC has been introduced in different Ti alloys to understand their effects. However, it has been found that the introduction of TiC reduces fatigue life. Furthermore, the introduction of TiC can change the elongation of the alloy. Moreover, the presence of TiC can be a hurdle in crack propagation.

The three-point bend test was performed on two sets of specimens. One set of specimens contained TiC crystals in the beta matrix and the other set of specimens had TiC crystals in the alpha matrix.

For the alpha matrix, the average bending stress was around 500 MPa. This result showed that the impact of TiC was not as strong as in the beta matrix. Additionally, flexural strength was significantly improved.

For the beta matrix, the bending stress was around 200 MPa. This result shows that the introduction of TiC significantly reduced the elongation of the alloy. Finally, the relative density was the main factor improving the flexural strength.

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