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Titanium Carbide Density and Reactive Sintering

2023-05-04 16:50:02  News

titanium carbide density is a crucial parameter for the manufacturing of titanium carbide reinforced composites. It mainly depends on the amount of TiC introduced into the powder mixtures during pressing and sintering processes. It is also dependent on the effect of grain growth and densification on the structure of the matrix material during reactive sintering.

Reactive sintering of AISI 316L-TiC composites and AISI 316L steel was investigated on the basis of the rule of mixture and values in order to determine the dependence of the sintered density on the amount of titanium carbide introduced into the powder mixtures. This was accomplished by performing the open and closed porosity measurements.

The results show that the polarisation resistance and current density decreased with increasing the amount of titanium carbide content in the AISI 316L-TiC alloy. The decrease of polarisation resistance is attributed to the high adsorption of the binder on the surface of finely grained carbides.

The adsorption of the binder on a finely-grained carbide is facilitated by the small size of the grains. In contrast, the adsorption of the binder on coarsely-grained carbides is inhibited by their large size. This is because the specific surface of a carbide is based on its grain size.

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