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Tungsten Carbide Corrosion Resistance

2023-02-25 11:50:03  News

tungsten carbide corrosion resistance is one of the most important properties for tungsten carbide applications. It is a crucial property for tungsten carbide seal rings, fluid control components, choke valves, nozzles, and bearings.

WC-Co cemented carbides offer the best wear and corrosion resistance when compared to other hard metals due to their low carbon content and excellent grain size. They are used in a wide range of high-performance components for metal cutting, machining and grinding operations.

In addition to its superior corrosion and wear resistance, WC-Co carbides are also available in the form of a variety of alloys. These alloys can vary in composition depending on the specific application and requirements for the component.

Corrosion resistant WC-Co alloys are composed of different hard phases such as we, Cr3C2, and TiC. These carbide alloys are suitable for a variety of high-performance applications including oil and gas, power generation, and mining.

In addition to its superb wear and corrosion resistance, WC-Co is a cost-effective alternative to traditional tungsten carbide materials. Its excellent resistance to corrosion reflects its unique microstructure that consists of closely packed WC particles. This fine structure prevents the binder phase from being exposed to corroding media, and this is a key factor in its strong corrosion resistance.

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