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What Is 316l Steel?

2023-04-14 12:05:02  News

316l steel is a low carbon stainless steel that has been used in many applications for its corrosion resistance, especially in corrosive environments. It is a part of the austenitic family of stainless steels, which also includes grades 304 and 316.

It is known for its excellent corrosion resistance and tensile strength, with minimum tensile stress of 515 MPa and minimum yield stress of 205 MPa. Moreover, it has a minimum elongation of 40% in 50mm/min.

This alloy is also immune to grain boundary carbide precipitation, which increases its toughness and corrosion resistance after welding. It is also resistant to crevice and pitting corrosion.

316l steel is a popular grade of stainless steel, and it can be easily fabricated into a variety of shapes using common fabrication processes. It is often used in industrial, medical, and marine applications due to its corrosion resistance.

In addition to its high corrosion resistance, 316l steel can be easily welded with a variety of welding methods. It has a very high temperature resistance and is resistant to thermal shock.

The ductile nature of 316L allows for the use of bending, drawing, and deep drawing. It is also suitable for forming and upsetting.

316L is one of the most commonly used stainless steels in the world, and it is often found in medical, food, and marine equipment. It is also used for sanitary high-purity pharmaceutical processes and semiconductor manufacturing, due to its superior corrosion resistance. It can also be electropolished to remove contaminants and entrapment areas in piping systems.

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