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What You May Not Know About Tungsten Strength

2023-06-30 00:20:03  News

Tungsten is a tough, rugged metal that can be found in tungsten carbide compounds, light bulbs, mining equipment, heavy machinery components and even some weaponry. Its strength, conductive properties and resistance to high temperatures makes it an attractive material for a wide range of applications. But despite the fact that tungsten is exceptionally strong, there are some things about this metal that aren’t immediately obvious.

The first thing you may notice about tungsten is that it has relatively low tensile strength. This is a measurement of how much force it takes to stretch or pull something apart, and it’s usually lower for harder materials. But despite having a low tensile strength, tungsten is actually quite rigid and stiff, as exemplified by its large elastic modulus. This measurement is closely related to a material’s stiffness, and tungsten comes second only to diamond in this respect.

This extreme rigidity is also visible in tungsten’s excellent compressive strength. It can bear 2683 MPa in compression at room temperature, and its strength remains fairly constant with alterations to the temperature. This is a stark contrast to steel, which has poor compressive strength and changes in shape as it expands.

Another interesting attribute of tungsten is that it’s very resistant to corrosion. It’s attacked only slightly by most mineral acids, including nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, and it doesn’t react with oxygen at normal temperatures. This resistance to corrosion allows tungsten to be used in high-strength tools and machinery that will withstand harsh conditions.

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