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What are the Main Characteristics of Stainless Steel Powder Metallurgy?

2021-05-11 15:17:45  News

Iron products can use powder metallurgy technology. The nozzle sprays molten stainless steel water, and the high-pressure water is atomized and condensed into stainless steel powder. After dehydration, drying, classification, annealing, etc., the density of sprayed stainless steel powder is 2.5~3.2 g/m3. 550-830 Pa pressure, compression molding. The billet temperature is between -45°C and -50°C dew point, in hydrogen or ammonia decomposing atmosphere. Vacuum sintering can also be carried out at 1120~1150℃. If good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance are required, the sintering temperature should be 1315°C.

Iron and steel can use powder metallurgy. Sprayed with high-pressure nitrogen in stainless steel water, the powder particles are spherical, with a looseness of about 4.8g/cm, and an oxygen content of less than 100×10. Through the rotating electrode milling process, the spherical powder of 40~70×10 oxygen-containing stainless steel can also be obtained. The stainless steel powder package is vacuum-sealed, 5kPa pressure is used for cold pressing test, and 1050°C and 2kPa pressure is used for hot pressing test. Cold extrusion blanks can also be formed by hot pressing at 1200°C.


Stainless steel powder corrosion-resistant material

The corrosion resistance is the corrosion resistance of stainless steel to the medium. Anti-corrosion includes anti-rust, acid-base, salt medium, anti-oxidation, sulfide, chloride, high-temperature fluorination, etc. When selecting powder metallurgy stainless steel, not only the general corrosion resistance of stainless steel, but also its local corrosion under special conditions of use.

Research on the mechanical properties of gold powder metallurgy

Powder properties, sintering density and sintering parameters all affect the mechanical properties of stainless steel. For example, the produced medium-density stainless steel (6.2-3.6g/cm3) is usually sintered at a temperature of 415-825 MPa, ammonia and hydrogen, and a vacuum of 1120-1150°C. After sintering at 1260-1315°C, it has good tensile properties, impact toughness and corrosion resistance.

Process characteristics of metal powder metallurgy

Fired stainless steel has the same processing properties as forged stainless steel. High sintering temperature, high hydrogen, and high vacuum can improve cutting accuracy. The presence of nitrogen will increase the hardness and reduce the processing performance. The sulphur manganese content is 304 liters, which can improve the cutting performance.


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