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What can be Printed by 3D Printing

2021-09-09 15:30:39  News

At present, there can be many 3D printing things, like construction, and some other difficult things. At the same time, there are many kinds of 3D printing materials, such as metals, plastics, building materials, etc., ranging from aerospace to small households ( Now there are 3D printed houses, toys, and food materials that can be 3D printed, such as chocolate products.

In recent years, 3D printing technology has been heating up globally, but its pros and cons have also been constantly questioned by society and the media. Not long ago, the 3D printed pistol made the outside world panic, but the good news also followed. According to foreign reports, in May, doctors have successfully rescued a baby using 3D technology. The doctors used a 3D printer to make a splint out of biological materials and opened a channel in airway.

Take a look at what can be printed by 3D printing? Unmanned laser sintered aircraft. A 3D printed lighting. Nike launches the world's first 3D printed soccer shoes. 3D printed clothing. The world's first "printed car" was unveiled and printed in Canada. A very detailed miniature factory model: A miniature factory model of a plant gas company was printed and produced in a completely realistic manner.

We marvel at the power of science. We don't know what other surprises 3D technology can bring to us in the future, but with the development of 3D technology, it will bring a qualitative leap in our lives!


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