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What is Nickel-Based Superalloy K403

2022-03-22 13:29:32  News

What is K403 alloy?

Alloy K403 is a cast nickel-based superalloy. The alloy has high high temperature strength and is widely used for casting guide vanes and working blades of turbojet, turbopulder, turboshaft and turbofan series engines. The γ' phase is the main strengthening phase of nickel-based alloys and affects the high temperature properties of the alloys. The K403 alloy has a higher content of γ' phase forming elements Al, Ti, etc., so the volume fraction of the γ' phase in the alloy structure is higher.


Solution treatment of K403 alloy

1. After the alloy undergoes incomplete solution treatment at 1140 and 1180 °C, the microstructure is γ' phase of two sizes; after complete solution treatment at 1210 °C, air-cooled, 0.2 μm γ' phase is uniformly precipitated. With the increase of the solution temperature, the primary γ' phase gradually decreases, and the dendrite structure becomes inconspicuous.

2. For the alloy after solution treatment at 1190 ℃ for 4h, the size of γ' phase particles changes little after aging at 900, 940 ℃ for 16h, but the distribution is more uniform; after aging at 980 ℃ for 16h, the particle size of γ' phase decreases It became larger to 0.3-0.6 μm, and the shape changed from square to irregular, nearly circular. After aging, the tensile properties and hardness of the alloy are improved.

3. The alloy obtained the relative maximum tensile strength and room temperature hardness after aging at 940℃. The recommended heat treatment process for K403 alloy is 1190 ℃, 4h, AC+ 940 ℃, 16h, AC.


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