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What is the Main Application of AlSi10Mg

2022-03-04 10:46:45  News

What is AlSi10Mg?

AlSi10Mg is a cast aluminum alloy. Casting aluminum alloy has good manufacturability, low density and good corrosion resistance, so its castings are widely used in aviation, instrumentation and general machinery, such as cylinder heads, intake manifolds, pistons, Wheel hubs, steering booster housings, etc.


The main use of AlSi10Mg

Cast aluminum alloy is an aluminum alloy that fills the mold with molten metal and obtains blanks of various shapes. It has the advantages of low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance and casting manufacturability, and is less restricted by the structural design of parts. Divided into Al-Si and Al-Si-Mg-Cu-based medium-strength alloys; Al-Cu-based high-strength alloys; Al-Mg-based corrosion-resistant alloys; Al-Re-based heat-strength alloys. Most require heat treatment to strengthen alloys, eliminate internal stress in castings, and stabilize microstructure and part size. Used in the manufacture of beams, gas turbine blades, pump bodies, pylons, hubs, air intake lips and engine casings, etc. It is also used in the manufacture of automobile cylinder heads, gearboxes and pistons, instrument housings and supercharger pump parts.

The aluminum alloy used for the required parts is directly obtained by the casting process. It is required to have ideal castability: good fluidity, less shrinkage, hot cracking and cold cracking tendency, less segregation and inhalation. The element content of cast aluminum alloys is generally higher than that of corresponding deformed aluminum alloys, and most alloys are close to eutectic compositions.


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